Last Friday, marked the 6th anniversary of B.J. Harrison’s The Classic Tales Podcast.  This gives me the perfect opportunity to write about some of my favorite stories he has produced during the many years I’ve listened to the Podcast.

I am trying to remember what the first story I listened to was, I think it was Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Speckled Band.”  Although I had read that story a bunch of times, B.J. really made it come alive to me.  Ever since then, each time I read a Sherlock Holmes story, it is his version of the sleuth I hear in my head.

Also, if you haven’t heard B.J.’s  Jeeves and Wooster you are so missing out.  But don’t worry, he has bundled all of the books and stories he’s recorded by P.G. Wodehouse for you.  You will love every minute of it and be in constant stitches!

But getting to listen to some of my favorite stories is only part of what makes me love this podcast.  There are so many wonderful books and short stories I’ve discovered through the years.  I will be eternally grateful to B.J. for introducing me to Wilkie Collins and The Moonstone.  If you haven’t read/listened to this book, do it NOW.  The first five hours are free to download at  Trust me, you’ll thank me for the recommendation, and like me, be indebted to B.J. for producing it.

If I went through every story that I’ve loved and discovered over the past six years (yes, I’ve been listening since practically the beginning), it would take all day and you’d get bored of reading this, but let me say a word about the most important thing about The Classic Tales Podcast:  It is FREE!

I can’t even begin to imagine how much work goes into producing one episode of  The Classic Tales.  He has to create the voices for each character, record and edit, and then post it on to iTunes.  He does this because he wants to share great literature with the world.  With you and me.  He does this because he knows it will be much easier for the general public to tackle Hamlet as an audio book than trying to read the text.  He’s brought us the lightest and most fanciful stories, such as Alice in Wonderland to the weightiest such as Moby Dick.  The variety and of his choices speaks not only to B.J.’s commitment to literature, but to his vast knowledge of it.  And he shares it all for free.

So take a moment and support his effort, so that we may have many more years of this treat we all look forward to with so much excitement each Friday.   Buy a book! Subscribe to The Classic Tales Premium!  And don’t forget, there is a donate button on his website!

Oh, and get the app (available for Apple and Android platforms).  The bonus features are so worth the couple of bucks you’ll put down for it!

And don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

Happy Anniversary, B.J.!  Thanks for all you do for us!