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B.J. Harrison narrates the story with gusto.” – Audiofile

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“One of the best readers (esp for the classics)”

B.J. Harrison is one of the best readers I’ve heard. Able to do many voices compellingly, believably, and back-to-back. Even my kids were stunned when they realized it was all one reader.

~ H Ordover review  for The Count of Monte Cristo 3/8/16

“Just What the Doctor Ordered”

I love P. G. Wodehouse’s writing so much that I didn’t think it possible to enjoy it more. B.J. Harrison proved me wrong. His narration and voice acting increased my enjoyment of of these stories exponentially. He brought them to life in such an engaging and realistic way I that felt as if I were a fly on the wall of Bertie Wooster’s flat.

– Katharine Review for The P.G. Wodehouse Collection 8/27/14

“excellent narration”

I have read and listened to Pride and Prejudice so many times that I have memorized most of the dialogue. This narration is by far the best I have ever heard! It must be difficult to narrate the grating accents of Mrs Bennet but this narrator does so without causing me to flinch ….very well done !!

– A Smith review  for Pride and Prejudice 2/4/20

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Deyan Masterclass with Elishia Merricks from Macmillan

Deyan Masterclass with Elishia Merricks from Macmillan

Amazing performances abounded in the Deyan Masterclass last night. PJ Ochlan and Elishia Merricks from Macmillan helped us really stretch and discover all the nooks and crannies we missed. Here are my key takeaways: Work that inner voice. Show the listener what the...

Deyan Masterclass with Almeda Beynon from HarperAudio

Deyan Masterclass with Almeda Beynon from HarperAudio

It was a real treat to be coached by PJ Ochlan and Almeda Beynon from HarperAudio at the Deyan Masterclass. We had some real breakthroughs, and it was wonderful hearing the stellar performances of the other narrators. Key takeaways included: As in writing, so in...

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