B.J. Harrison and The Classic Tales continue the Halloween Fright Extravaganza this week with a Bram Stoker‘s short story called “The Squaw.”  B.J. found this story when he picked up a book of short stories on a recent trip to the Shakespearean Festival with his wife.  I wonder if they slept that night.

It is a story of a couple in the midst of their honeymoon who join forces with a colorful American cowboy in their tour of Germany. Jokes turn into accidents, and accidents engender thoughts of hate and revenge in the mind of a black cat. By the time the party tours the medieval torture chamber, tensions run very high, indeed.

You know Bram Stoker best as the author of Dracula, the vampire who wanted to move from Transylvania to England.  But if you are a fellow avid listener of The Classic Tales, you also know him as from his short tale,  Dracula’s Guest. Dracula’s Guest was originally slated to appear in the novel, but was cut and later released as a short story.

Here is an interesting fact.  If you want to visit Mr. Stoker’s remains, you can go to Golders Green Crematorium, where you can also find Peter Sellers.  I doubt very much Mr. Sellers ever appeared in a movie based on any of Mr. Stoker’s creations, although Stoker did manage the Lyceum Theater for a long time.

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Happy Halloween from all of us at The Classic Tales!