Well, here are some photos of some of the work I’m doing right now. Apart from the Classic Tales Podcast, David Copperfield and another audiobook I’ve commissioned, I’m working at Evermore Theme Park. This is preliminary work for a 30 acre theme park, which will be the largest Haunt in the US. It will be in Pleasant Grove, Utah. A good friend of mine, Cory Clawson, sculpted these pieces. They are cast of fiberglass and polyurethane. I painted the gargoyles to look like blue granite. The shrouded woman has a bronze patina. The client wanted them to look really aged. I used different scenic art methods to achieve the different results. For both pieces, the approach was to first create the look of the original material, (granite or bronze) and age them back from there. As you can see, the gargoyles started white, then blue, then black. As you can imagine, when they saw me start with the baby blue, the client was really worried. But they turned out okay.