It was such a treat to finally “meet” Gina White from Podium at the Deyan Masterclass last night. She and PJ Ochlan pointed out some aspects of narration that are often overlooked. These included:

  • Always know the emotion of the scene. Always be able to put a name on what the character is feeling (embarrassed, nervous, stressed, etc.)
  • Challenge yourself to make the more interesting choice. Find the opportunities to expand. You’ve got to have a place to go.
  • Always know the stakes, the tension, and the subtext – and make it obvious to the listener. 
  • Mind the speaker tags. They shouldn’t feel rushed or squished. Use them to move the emotion of the story forward.

I’ve also noticed that I book more work when I’m training. It forces me into a mindset that is conducive for success. New opportunities appear, mental blocks and obstacles are removed, and pathways that were previously hidden become clear.

Thank you Gina and PJ for a wonderful night of instruction!